3 Aspects of a Business Plan

You probably want to write a: Focused, Intentional and Successful Small Business Plan.

That’s where a business entrepreneur coach (like me) comes in.

The first thing to know about writing your plan is that it’s not about the money.

  • What is it about, then?

1. It’s about energy and talent.

2. It’s about commitment and enthusiasm.

3. It’s about having the ability to get the job done.

But it’s not about the money or getting wealthy. You must know that if you are only thinking of money, your plan will not flow.

· It is your vision

· Your dream.

· Writing down what you want, need to do, and achieving it.

No Matter What!

If this is the right time, then start writing your business plan now!

What is important about writing your plan for your business?

  • It is the feeling you have and that you put into it.

This is fabulous news for the independent entrepreneur.

It means that when you feel very strongly about the success of your business, it will outshine any faults your business venture strategies might have. You business plan will grow and change.

Your goal, when writing a business plan – is to feel what it will be like to be living your dream and let that feeling of success shine through.

  • Talking this through with a coach can make your job a lot easier. Between the two of us, we can create a pretty fabulous small business plan for your business.

So let’s get going and create your small business plan – step by step.

A small business can be an exciting, soul-searching and fun pursuit for many of you.

  • A road map is needed for the heady and ‘nerdy’ new techniques.
  • Innovative income streams, new ways of marketing, building relationships and reaching your clients.
  • Starting up right means targeting for success in some familiar and yet, new ways, and a whole lot more effectively, than ever before.

Coaching business entrepreneurs has shown me the importance of their business plan and how to make it an enjoyable process together.

Now use your imagination and become the leader of a thriving, business where your message reaches your target audience, getting clients through attraction marketing.

The Secret?

It is Building a Strong Foundation with Your Plan

You can establish a planning business strategy process to help win and grow your business. Think and act strategically every time… You can be intentional about growing your business.

Take action consistently and persistently.

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